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  • PLAN B Parking Facility - Safe and Secure

    If you are looking for a parking facility that is close to everything, then PLAN B Parking is the parking place to be at.

    Safe and secure, we offer short or long term parking services for your vehicle no matter what size or shape.

    Travelling from a far to get to Sydney City or even still to Sydney Airport and don't want to pay excessive parking fees?

    Why not park at PLAN B Parking and jump on a train from Sydenham station which is 400 metres away from our parking facility. Or if you want to travel to the City, then PLAN B Parking is a convenient and handy location that is central to every direction you need to head to.

    Public Transport whether a bus or Train is metres away from our Parking Location.

    Whether your heading to the City, Sydney Airport or perhaps just want to park closer to your work place, or perhaps your visiting the theatres in and around Marrickville and can't find a parking space for your vehicle. Well, here at PLAN B Parking Facility we welcome any type of reason you need to park your vehicle.

    Short term parking or Long Term, no matter what your requirements, at PLAN B Parking we offer a safe, affordable parking solution for every vehicle.

    Contact PLAN B Parking should you have further questions.

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    Most convenient location to store your vehicle.

    Bus and Train Transport is right around the corner for the PLAN B Parking Facility.

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